Spaces available for 1:1 brand coaching in October

VIP Brand Intensive Day

Unleash Your Brand's Potential

An exclusive one-to-one day where we create a unique and effective branding strategy that aligns with your vision and values. Elevate your brand and make it stand out from the competition. Say goodbye to generic branding and hello to a custom-made brand that reflects your business’s true essence.

Becky Southall, branding guide stands in Suckley amongst the grasses

VIP Branding Strategy Day

Join me for a full VIP intensive day at my studio in Suckley, Worcestershire where we’ll work together to plan, design, and create your unique branding and visual identity. We’ll discover the authentic you, unlock your brand identity, and learn how to attract your dream clients.

Together, we will extract your inner creativity to create a visual representation that truly reflects your unique business identity. We will create branding that sets you apart from the crowd, ensuring that your vision comes to life. Get ready for brand visuals that you will be proud to showcase.

Every detail, every line, every curve, colour, and word has purpose. Let’s discover exactly what your brand needs to land in your clients’ hearts.

Join me for the full day, with six working hours and an hour for lunch where you will be treated to a fabulous local lunch out.

What to expect

The brand intensive day is an empowering opportunity for ambitious and driven women who need quick results. It is designed specifically for women who are deeply committed to their business and are eager to showcase their brand in a way that truly captures their uniqueness. Are you ready to have branding that fully represents you and your business, so that you can radiate confidence and pride in all that you do?

After our day, I will formalise all the colours, imagery, typography and decisions into a detailed branding document. I will use the designs created on the day to produce your primary, secondary and favicon logos. These will be saved in a variety of formats that you will need in your business. You will receive your logo files and branding document within the week following our day session.

Now Available: If you would also like to have a website created after our day together this is now an option. Please enquire for more details.

Are you ready to feel proud to show off your bespoke and unique brand, and stand out authentically from your competitors? Then let’s get you booked in!

Your investment




Cost from:


Branding plus website design


In person – Suckley, Worcestershire, UK
6 working hours and an hour lunch (my treat)

Payment Plans available

Pay in 3 monthly instalments



This is a full day of 6 working hours and plus an hour for lunch.

You will have access to the members only area – Branding Bootcamp, broken up into 16 modules for step-by-step study. Each module contains in-depth video tutorials, exercises and activities. You will also benefit from carefully selected guest expert advice to help guide you through your branding transformation.

For very organised women who have a tight schedule or want things achieved fast.

A reasonable expectation would be – 

  • Clear ideal client identity
  • Uncovering your authentic brand personality
  • Discovering your style and messaging that will make the most impact
  • Sketching a range of logo ideas
  • Producing  brand identity visuals
  • Narrowing down appropriate typography choices
  • Getting clear on colour palette options. 

What can be achieved during a full day working together will vary very much depending upon the task, the process and the flow of the day. Know that we will work intensively and productively, but there can be no exact guarantee on what will be achieved.

  • A branding guide document with colour palette, typography, moodboard and creative direction
  • Primary, secondary and favicon logos produced in a range of formats and sizes.

I offer a monthly payment plan to spread the cost if necessary.

Once you have committed to investing in yourself, no refunds will be offered.

We will have a video call to discuss plans for the day, and if necessary you will be asked to send across required information before we commence work.