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I work with passionate, extraordinary, heart-led women

Becky Southall, Heart Led Studio

As the proud owner of Heart Led Studio, I work exclusively with quietly ambitious heart-led female business owners.

The women I coach once felt frustrated, constrained, anxious, even suppressed, when they worked the 9-5 under another’s leadership. Their inner CEO had been bursting to be released for years. They are hugely independent women, full of ideas and possibilities, and with a deep inner knowing that they were destined for more.
The women I work with are often admired by others as inspirational, passionate and knowledgeable but can struggle to acknowledge this themselves.

I work with women who choose to move beyond average.

Look, you could create a logo on Canva and a DIY template website, and it would be OK. But you know that creating an exceptional brand goes way beyond that, and you’re not prepared to settle for mediocre anymore.
Building this brand, and creating this life for you and your family means everything to you. You are finally ready to radiate your expertise and brilliance.

You are ready to trust an expert to extract all those brilliant ideas you have in your head and craft them into a truly exceptional brand. A brand that fills you with joy and pride, and forms the unbreakable foundation from which abundance will flow.

I'm not the brand coach for everyone, nor would I want to be.

I choose to work with women who may appear to be quiet on the outside, but are determined, passionate, feminist and extraordinary inside. As a heart-led entrepreneur you are driven by your deep-seated belief that what you offer will impact other’s lives for the better…and this propels you.

I will guide you with honesty and empathy.

When you work with me, I will push you to explore what is truly possible for you, challenge your thinking and help you see your true value. I will be your biggest cheerleader.
Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and see what you are capable of?