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Hi, I'm Becky

Personal brand coach & designer

I absolutely love my life being a personal brand coach and designer as I get to work with aspirational and inspiring women! Not only do I get to design their logo, visual identity and website, I also help them step into the power of their new brand.

I am a quietly confident woman myself, yet outrageously determined and ambitious! Yes, you can be both those things! It has become my mission to champion quietly ambitious women like you. You have a great business idea, you have the drive to make things happen, you’re not going to be held back anymore…and it’s your time to shine!

I am that guide at your side, I am your cheerleader. And I am going to take that fabulous idea that is in your head…and make it a reality for you.

Becky Southall, brand coach for female entrepreneurs smiles in front of a blue window

Leaving the 9-5

Prior to being a brand strategist and coach, I worked in the design industry in Architecture and Landscape design. Later, I became a teacher of Graphic Design. Although, I was determined to set up my own business and escape the 9-5 grind, I am grateful for the journey that has lead me to this point in my life. Without my employed roles and mentors, I wouldn’t be offering brand coaching today.

The goal was to leave teaching before I was 40, but I actually made the plunge much earlier than I ever thought possible. I set up my business while I was still in employment, and then worked part-time while the business grew. What a day it was when I finally handed in my notice and went full-time in my thriving business!

Becky walks in Portugal, planning her life as a digital nomad

Becoming a digital nomad

You may have noticed that many of the photographs throughout this website feature the sea and sunshine. That is because a huge part of my life is travel.

As a teacher I was able to benefit from longer holidays than normal, and I used these to the maximum; touring all over Europe with my family. Together, we hike, play, surf and explore. 

The big dream however, is to be able to move abroad and live a digital nomad lifestyle. I have found my second home in Portugal, which has the most gorgeous landscapes, beaches, mountains, river swimming and villages. These photographs are from Cascais in Portugal – and they present me in my happiest place.

Branding and website design is a career that can be conducted remotely in different locations around the world. It has been brilliant being able to run the branding bootcamp group course while sat in the middle of the Portuguese countryside!

My dream of being a full-time digital nomad is creeping ever closer, and being able to move the family over to Portugal in the near future. I am so excited to teach other women how to create an online business so that they too can work from anywhere.

How I can help you as a brand coach

It has been a joy to guide other female entrepreneurs and small businesses to blossom and thrive. I love to support women as they set up their new businesses and get themselves out there. And it is amazing to rebrand women as they step into that new level of themselves.

I approach each new client with enthusiasm and excitement, and it is so important for us to build a good relationship and rapport. Every woman is unique, each brand is bespoke and every design is individually crafted. 

Lovely clients

"Her 'feel' for my work, and me as a person was incredible."
"She took great care and effort to create the website in line with my vision. I appreciate all of her patience and guidance."
"To say she worked hard on it is an understatement. She took our vision and ran with it, completely exceeding our expectations.""
Business Manager
"Becky is so professional and went through everything with us to discuss our needs and requirements and went above and beyond. With Becky there is a personal touch, high quality, and level of dedication.""
Shop owner

If not now, when?

Taking that first step can be the scary bit, but know that I will be here to guide you each step of the way. This journey will be soul searching but also incredibly powerful and exciting!