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As a branding coach for female entrepreneurs, it is my mission to guide you to uncover your inner confidence. I will show you how to attract your dream clients through a visual identity that is 100% aligned to you. You do not have to be the loudest or the boldest to make the most impact. It’s time to be proud of who you really are, as we rebrand the new level of you.

I help quietly ambitious female entrepreneurs to unlock their unique brand personality and bring their vision to life, so that they can attract their dream clients and make a real impact in their business. 

Now is your time to

Becky, a Branding coach for female entrepreneurs, sitting in the sunshine working on a laptop.

Hi, I'm Becky

Branding coach for female entrepreneurs

You are done with playing it safe, and know that it’s time to evolve, push boundaries and advance. I am here to help you unlock your true brand personality, because when you show up unapologetically as your unique self, you are going to captivate your dream clients, and feel empowered to make an impact.

By the time you read this paragraph, you have already formed some amazingly accurate opinions about me; my values, personality and business. That is how fast branding makes an impact!
As you step into your new brand, your confidence will grow. When I resolved to unlock and showcase my unique brand personality, my business started to make impact, and amazing clients found me! Now it’s your time to unlock the next level of you, and create a visual identity that will maximise your potential.

ULTIMATE STEP-BY-STEP BRANDING CHECKLIST How to attract your dream clients This step-by-step guide is going to be a springboard for the next level of you.

Ultimate step-by-step

Branding checklist to attract your dream clients

Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed about what to do first?
Fed up with chasing clients, but ready to have them be drawn to you instead?
Here is everything you need, and in the exact order, to go from having a great vision…to having a beautifully branded business that attracts your dream clients with ease.

Advice from a branding coach for female entrepreneurs

Play Video about three things I would tell my former self when I started my business

3 things I would tell my former self when I started my business

If I could go back in time, these tips would have made my early business days SO much easier.

Play Video about Six tips for making more impact in your online business

6 Tips for making more impact in your online business

How to brand yourself and use these proven strategies to increase your impact and sales.

Play Video about Three reasons you are not attracting your dream clients right now video

3 reasons you are not attracting dream clients right now

You have so much value to give in your business, but now you need the right clients to serve.

Branding coach for female entrepreneurs

What clients say

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“Reach out and get your beautiful website, your branding, and your vision out there to the world!”

We are delighted with the excellent service Rebecca has provided. She has transformed our business!"

Nicola, Entrepreneur

"It has been a pleasure to work with Rebecca, she has been encouraging, patient and responsive and I have felt supported throughout the process by her knowledge and expertise. She has a perfect blend of being able to listen carefully to your requirements and giving advice when needed. I also really appreciated the technical support offered, I am really happy."

Lisa, Yoga Teacher

Becky is a superstar. I came to Becky with a bunch of ideas and a very basic website, and she turned it into something dynamic, modern and which completely captured the essence of what I wanted to get across. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe it's mine.

Katie, Health Coach

She listened to my ideas and we were able to work as a team under her expert guidance. Her design is sensitive and beautiful, she is quick, efficient, friendly and incredibly patient!

Eleanor, Music & Yoga instructor
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“Every time I see my website and my branding I feel proud because it represents me!”